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Hi! New here. What is a CGM?

Hey, Kean. Glad to have you here.

CGMs or Continuous glucose monitors are devices used to measure glucose level in a person requiring frequent glucose level monitoring. The device can be worn by the person as one goes about his daily routine activities.

Ohh awesome! How do these things work exactly?

Continuous glucose monitor works by a tiny probe with sensors inserted subcutaneously (under the skin). This can be worn over the abdomen, near the arm or near the thigh. The probe measures the glucose level in the interstitial fluid frequently. Interstitial fluid is the fluid around the cells in our body. A transmitter sends the levels to a monitor. The measured level is displayed over a monitor.

That’s amazing! Thank you so much, Ian.

Just got one as recommended by a doctor friend. I will continue testing this device and will report back with my experience with it.

hey thinking of getting one of these but i havent seen much info on it online. not sure if i need one even

Hi pete. Welcome to our budding community :slight_smile: Here’s some criteria that may help you determine if you need one.

Continuous glucose monitors are recommended for use in:

  • Patients with Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Patients with suspected nocturnal hypoglycemia, dawn phenomenon, or postprandial hyperglycemia
  • Patients with hypoglycemic unawareness
  • Patients experimenting with important changes to their diabetes regimen (eg, instituting new insulin or switching from multiple daily injections to pump therapy).
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hmm i dont really fall into any of these. do you think it helps for people who are sorta watching their diet? i was thinking of getting into IF for weight loss reasons and suspect that blood sugar may drop for those long stretches of fasting, especially 16 hours.

thank you though i think some more research is needed on my part